What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Our sports specific expertise enables us to manage injuries in terms of the required skills, demands and loads applied in your specific sports environment. Our knowledge enables us to determine whether an injury is acute, chronic, a gradual overuse condition or the result of biomechanics.


Assessment may include analysis of movement and technique during the pain provoking activity to identify the cause.


Return to sport will involve advice on gradual, safe training load to facilitate accelerated return to sport and prevention of recurring injury.

Who benefits from Sports Physiotherapy?

Our sports specific physiotherapy service includes all levels from beginners to elite athletes. Injuries in elite sport are similar to those in the active population with the same level of physiotherapy expertise and service provided.

Conditions treated include soft tissue injuries to ligaments, muscles and tendons, over-use injuries such as tendinopathies and plantar fasciitis, medial-tibial stress syndrome and management of stress fractures.