At Cameron Physiotherapy we treat the cause not just the injury. We provide access to physiotherapy, pilates & sports massage services. Experts in restoring movement.


Through our physiotherapy service you will have access to a highly experienced physiotherapist providing assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of your injury. Our extensive experience and expertise enables us to identify the cause of your injury and provide you with an accurate diagnosis and solution.


Our sports specific expertise enables us to manage injuries in terms of the required skills, demands and loads applied in your specific sports environment. Our knowledge enables us to determine whether an injury is acute, chronic, a gradual overuse condition or the result of biomechanics.


Clinical Pilates is a great way to mobilize and strengthen the body helping to prevent injury or rehabilitate an injury safely. It works by strengthening the stabilising muscles around all the joints of the body including the spine.


Sports massage is the manipulation of soft tissues using hands on techniques such as trigger point release, effleurage and myofascial release to improve muscle and soft tissue function.



Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into the skin. It is an ancient Chinese treatment that has been adopted and adapted by Western Medicine. It is used to treat a wide variety of common health problems and to reduce pain.

I began Pilates as a beginner in order to help manage the pain from a spinal disc prolapse. Catrin's teaching style is easy to get on with and makes those of any ability feel at ease. The classes are always challenging but most of all enjoyable!


There is always a friendly welcome at Catrin Cameron’s Pilates classes.
The sessions are challenging, but fun, with a good mix of ability levels from which I have noticed improvements in posture and ease of movement.
Catrin offers support and encouragement and I would highly recommend her classes.

SusanFinance Director

At 70 years of age I am one of Catrin’s older Pilates participants! I started Pilates to maintain my health and fitness and have really enjoyed seeing improvements to my balance and core strength. I always enjoy the class and find it fun and a good challenge.


I have been coming to Catrin’s Pilates classes for 3 years to help manage the scoliosis in my spine. I find the classes really helpful and I have noticed a real improvement in my alignment and balance. I find Catrin’s hands on feedback really helps to improve technique and make progress.


I have been coming to Catrin’s Pilates classes for 6 years now and find it a great way to manage my neck pain. I spend a lot of time at my desk during the day and find Pilates really helps to right the wrongs of the day. I always leave feeling taller and looser and most importantly with a smile on my face.

AnneCompany Director

As an ultra-distance runner I find Pilates is a great way to recover from training and to stay injury free. I started Catrin’s classes after an episode of lower back pain and have continued to attend in order to improve my balance and flexibility. During the class we do some running specific exercises which the whole class enjoys. I have seen some real gains in my running technique and performance since starting Pilates.

GaryUltra-distance Runner

As a keen road cyclist I find that Pilates is a great way to manage my lower back pain. Catrin will advise on which exercises will most benefit you according to you sport or condition. I have found that by improving my stability on the bike I am able to generate more power and by increasing the flexibility of my hamstrings I am able to achieve more aggressive positions on the bike for longer.

SteveEngineer and Road Cyclist

I have seen Catrin for various injuries over the past 2 years. Initially as a footballer Catrin managed my MCL ligament injury and as I have slowly transitioned over from a footballer to a tri-athlete she has helped me with running analysis, injury management and training advice following a calf injury.


I have been treated by Catrin following a very painful rotator cuff tear in my shoulder. Catrin referred me to an excellent shoulder consultant who carried out my surgery and I completed an accelerated rehabilitation protocol which got me back to road cycling and subsequently mountain biking successfully. Catrin has a very hands on approach using manual therapy and soft tissue techniques rather than just a list of exercises. I feel this really helped to accelerate my progress.

MegMarketing Director

I was treated by Catrin for a PCL injury from rugby. I was under a lot of pressure to get fit for a new contract and found Catrin really understood my injury and the demands of my sport.

JamesRugby Player

I have been treated by Catrin for a frozen shoulder. I found the combination of manual therapy and exercises really worked and I am now back to full movement and enjoying martial arts.


I can highly recommend Catrin for Sports massage. I have been treated by Catrin for several years to keep me ticking over in competitive cyclo-cross. I will no doubt be seeing a lot more of her in preparation for the London marathon next year!

StefanCyclo-cross Athlete